Completing a kitchen renovation is a time filled with not only excitement and anticipation but also choices.

From the colour scheme to product selection, many decisions are necessary to make your kitchen exactly as you envision. Here are four of the most critical questions to ask yourself before embarking on your kitchen renovation project.

What is Your Kitchen Reno Budget?

Deciding on how much money you want to spend on your kitchen renovation before you start shopping will make it easier to find products that fit your budget.

Kitchen product choices (including countertops, cabinetry, fixtures and more) can range widely in budgets. Deciding what your particular budget is before talking to a kitchen designer will ensure you’re only shown products that will fit your budget. No sense in getting your hopes up on high-end, luxury cabinetry and countertops if you have a more conservative budget in mind!

What Type of Features Do You Require?

Next, decide on the type of features you want in your new kitchen.

Depending on whether you and your family require features such as an island, eat-in kitchen, a built-in pantry or a window above the sink will help narrow down your kitchen layout options.

Choosing a suitable layout for your kitchen remodel is required before any finer details are determined.

What Type of Cabinetry Fits Your Style?

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, there are many styles available to match your home’s décor. Three of the most common styles are traditionalmodern and contemporary.

  1. Traditional kitchen cabinets incorporate natural wood grain and stains ranging from cherry and walnut to lighter stains. Presenting an ornate look, these cabinets look more formal and are suitably matched with detailed moulding and decorative panels.
  2. Modern kitchen cabinets involve sleek, straight lines in very neutral colours. White cabinets featuring stainless steel hardware is one example chosen by homeowners wanting to achieve a trendy look.
  3. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are a mixture of both traditional and modern styles. Designed in any colour spectrum, contemporary kitchen cabinets feature hardware ranging from basic to creative.

There is always the option of getting custom cabinetry created if you do not like any of the kitchen cabinetry you’ve seen while browsing!

What Type of Colours and Fixtures Do You Want?

The most enjoyable part of the kitchen renovation project, choosing the finishing touches are what make your kitchen renovation truly your own.

While choosing an ideal colour or finding the perfect light fixture, your kitchen vision will really start to come to life! Backsplashes, wine racks and new furnishings can all work together to make your dream kitchen a reality.  Another decision will be for kitchen appliances.  For example, do you want to go stainless steel for your dishwasher, refrigerator or stove, or go with white or black kitchen appliances.

With the many decisions to be made during a kitchen renovation, the process can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Hiring a kitchen contractor that specializes in kitchen remodels will make the process go as seamlessly as possible.  At Kitchens Inc in Brantford, Ontario, we have the skill and and experience to assist you with your kitchen renovation, including building and installing custom cabinets. Contact us today for an in-home consultation!