For most homeowners, the kitchen tends to be the room in your home where there is never enough space. This problem becomes exacerbated when you have a small kitchen to begin with!

But no worries! By implementing some of our ideas below, you can easily make every inch count in your small kitchen!

Use Colour to Create a Larger Space

Doing something as simple as changing the colour throughout your kitchen can make a huge impact on the feel of the space!

Because light colours create a more spacious feel, choose a shade of white, cream or taupe to make your kitchen appear bigger. Choosing a light colour maintains visual simplicity and consistency throughout the small space.

If painting your kitchen a light shade doesn’t appeal to your vibrant style, consider adding a pop of bright colour like yellow or mint green.

Choose a countertop, cupboard interiors or a single accent wall as the focus for your burst of colour. Just be careful to limit this bold colour to a certain aspect! You don’t want the overall spacious look created by the lighter colours to be diminished!

Install Proper Lighting

Poor lighting goes a long way in making a small kitchen feel even smaller.

Try some under-cabinet lights to make your kitchen more functional. Pendant lights throughout the eating area combined with incandescent spot lighting above the cabinets help contribute to a more spacious feel in the kitchen.

Use Glass Strategically throughout a Small Kitchen

Lighten up the look of your kitchen by installing some glass. Whether it be in a tabletop, tile, kitchen doors or cabinets, glass offers an easy way to visually expand a small space.

Another option is to choose a glass backsplash or to place mirrors in strategic locations around the room.

Consider Your Kitchen’s Layout

A galley-style kitchen is the most efficient layout, but one-wall kitchens are another great space saving option. Utilize the single wall for floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and choose the best locations for your kitchen’s appliances (such as locating the sink beside the dishwasher).

Consider saving a bit of space by choosing innovative appliances such as pint-sized microwaves, single sinks or two burner stoves. A counter-topped rolling cart that can be stored away when not in use is a great alternative to a kitchen island.

Use Shelves Instead of Cupboards

A ton of kitchen cupboards in a small space can make the space feel even more boxed in. Think about removing some of the overhead cabinets and installing shelves, pot racks, and spice holders instead.

Not only does this help create a more spacious feel, but it can create a more efficient cooking process by easily accessing what you need most!

Choose Kitchens Inc. for Your Small Kitchen Remodel

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