Your perfectly optimized content gAs with any renovation, many decisions will be made. This fact has never been truer than with a kitchen renovation. One of those decisions that will need to be made carefully is what kind and design of backsplash will be involved.

When designing a kitchen, the backsplash can be like a great pair of shoes for a gorgeous dress. If you’re going to inject colour into the design of your kitchen, a backsplash affords this.

“Where do I start?” you may ask. Don’t worry – choosing the right backsplash is achievable. Just work your way through these steps to come to a decision that you can be confident in.

  • Style
  • Colour
  • Space
  • Budget

Have you answered these four questions? If you have managed to work through these four considerations, you likely have your backsplash decision or you are at least a lot closer than you were. Go forth with confidence. Trust the process you went through, bite the design bullet and get to work with the completion of your kitchen renovation.

Backsplash Styles

If your kitchen project is at the stage where you are considering the backsplash your kitchen design has likely gone forth with a particular style. Now is not the time to change gears. Let your present design dictate the style of backsplash you choose. Doing this will certainly narrow down those choices, making your ultimate decision that much easier.

Your kitchen backsplash may be made out of different materials such as peel and stick backsplashes, natural stone tile backsplash, or a simple stainless steel backsplash.

No matter what style of backspash you choose, ensure the backsplash is easy to clean, stain resistant and will hold up to water and humidity.

Backsplash Colour

Again, you may have narrowed down the choices for colour of your new backsplash. Don’t be afraid of colour. Typically, kitchens involve a whole lot of neutral tones. Adding a backsplash to your kitchen design is your chance to add a little colour to this room.  Get your hands on a few samples, bring them home, and introduce them to the other elements of your kitchen. This process can be very enlightening and helpful in your decision-making process.

Backsplashes for Small Kitchens

Maybe you haven’t made the decision of whether backsplash will be included in your design. Consider the space you have. How much room you have for backsplash can influence what kind of material, if any is chosen. A small space might not lend to a large formula subway tile for instance. Likewise, something small might get lost in a large space.

Kitchen Renovation Budget

How much you have to spend on backsplash will go along way in deciding your backsplash. Take your budget with you while you shop. A good customer representative will be able to show you your options that fit your budget and will prevent you from falling in love with something you can afford. If you fail to stay on budget while making your backsplash decision the overall love of your kitchen renovation might be dampened. Without a budget, your choices can also be limited.

A backsplash is like icing on a cake. Though historically included in many kitchen designs, a backsplash was meant for functionality. But that wall saving trim can now be one of the favourite aspects of your kitchen space!