No matter how big your kitchen is, if you have poor lighting it can make the space look small, cramped and even dated. The right type of lighting is crucial for ensuring your space looks its best – especially if you’ve completed renovations or upgraded your space recently. Here are a few ways to optimize the light in your kitchen, and make it look like it is straight out of a magazine.

Choose the Right LED Lighting

Certain LED lights can be harsh. Spaces that use this kind of lighting can look cold and small if the right colour temperature is not chosen. If you want to make your kitchen look cozy and warm without too many renovations or changes, choose LED lights with a warmer tone. An extra warm white 2700K or warm white 3000K should be a good fit for your kitchen.

Take Down the Window Treatments

Blackout curtains for your home are nice for privacy, but window treatments also block the light coming into your kitchen. By taking down the window treatments you can ensure the maximum amount of light is let into your space.

Under Cupboard Lighting

If your kitchen is a little dated, it may have only one or two sources of light. This can easily be changed in a couple ways. If you’re replacing your cupboards as part of a renovation, you can purchase an option that has room for lights to be installed underneath. If you hire a contractor, you can likely ask the company to do this as part of the installation. Installing these lights may require rewiring in your kitchen or additional outlets, so this is something to keep in mind if you choose to do this. Be sure to select warm and natural light bulbs for installation to keep the kitchen looking cozy and welcoming.

Open Your Home

Another way to bring more light into a dated kitchen is something slightly more drastic. But if you’re looking to renovate your home, and bringing more light into your kitchen is the desired end effect, this might be an option to consider.

Older homes tend to have a lot of walls, which will block light from moving around the home. The best way to bring natural light into your kitchen is to open up your home by taking down some walls. Open concept homes have maximum amounts of natural light, and your kitchen will benefit from taking down the walls. This way that gorgeous bay window you installed in your living room will bring light and warmth across the home.

Install More Windows

Finally, if you have the space in your kitchen, or surrounding area, installing new windows can be a great option. The best option is large, sliding patio doors or similar. These doors are all glass, floor to ceiling, so there won’t be any impediments to the light coming into your home.

If you want to light up your kitchen space, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider these options to help create a brighter, cozier kitchen in your home. If there are any questions, feel free to contact us and our professional renovation and kitchen designer team will be ready to help.