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Kitchen Cabinets

wood book shelf cabinetKitchen Cabinets are one of the most prominent features of any kitchen remodel, so it is important to take some time to consider what styles most suit your home and your personal tastes. It is equally important to ensure you are working with a reputable contractor who uses quality materials and adheres to high standards of workmanship.

Kitchens Inc. utilizes semi-custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers to supply cabinets for all kitchen cabinets renovation projects. Semi-custom cabinets are the best option in terms of quality product at a fair price. Semi-custom cabinets offer all the option of custom products, including a variety of cabinet door styles, wood species, stain/paint colours, cabinet sizes and much more. They are produced in a factory environment to keep costs affordable. Much like how automobiles are produced, with the added benefit of every piece labelled with the client’s name on it.

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinetry Style

When selecting your kitchen cabinets, you will work with one of our kitchen cabinets designers who can help guide you as to what features will look good together, but you will also want to consider your personal tastes and what sort of style you would like to live with for the next several years. While there are any number of variances with décor, most homeowners’ taste falls at least broadly into one of the three categories of traditional, modern or contemporary.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets – In traditional styles, natural wood grain is most commonly used for kitchen cabinets. Colour stains can range from cherry to walnut to lighter shades, such as maple. Since traditional décor tends to be the most ornate of the three categories, cabinets in this style tend to look more formal with detailed molding and decorative panels. Hardware that suits this style includes wood or brass.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets – Modern styles are a stark contrast to traditional ones. Instead of ornate detailing, modern kitchen cabinet design relies on sleek straight lines. Colours tend to be blacks and whites– or at least very neutral. Homeowners wanting to achieve a modern look might choose white kitchen cupboards with stainless steel hardware.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Contemporary style borrows features from a number of other styles. It is less ornate than the traditional style and not as strict as the modern style. Kitchen cabinets to suit a contemporary kitchen might be wood grain – especially lighter shades such as maple – but they could also be anywhere on the colour spectrum. A daring red or vibrant yellow would not be out of the question with this style. Hardware for contemporary kitchen cabinets can range from basic to whimsical.

Why Kitchens Inc.?

As one of the best Brantford Kitchen Companies, we work with Ken’s Cabinets to help you achieve the desired look for your ideal kitchen design. Our team of experienced designers, cabinet makers, and installers, will help turn your kitchen into a work of art that you and your family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

If you are looking for quality kitchen cabinets in Brantford, Paris, and nearby areas such as Ancaster, Burlington and Dundas, then call us today. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation

I met Dan and Debbie at a home show and genuinely liked their no pressure and friendly approach. After getting an initial quote, it took me many months to decide to go ahead with the remodel of our kitchen, but I think I knew from the start that Kitchens Inc. was the right company for the job. Both Dan and Debbie were just so nice and very professional. Their showroom is really lovely too. Dan is a master at his craft. He listens to you and makes valuable suggestions, based on his experience and knowledge. He has a very calm demeanor that helps you to feel comfortable. All of the timelines and estimates they gave us were right on. When our cabinets arrived, I could see the fine quality of the workmanship, as soon as they brought the first one through the door. Keith, the installer, is wonderful and it’s hard to believe he did the install alone. The workmanship is gorgeous. Dan and Debbie also suggested a beautiful counter and the perfect hardware for the doors and drawers. I absolutely love my kitchen and friends and family have all complimented the craftsmanship and quality of it. I am so glad that I chose Kitchens Inc to complete this project for me. I would definitely hire them again and highly recommend them to others. Thank you Dan, Debbie and Keith for giving me the kitchen of my dreams.

Dpopca, August 2015