How long have you been dealing with your too-small kitchen?

If you’ve been hesitating about completing a kitchen renovation, finances are probably to blame. Kitchen makeovers can quickly add up when you need to tear down walls, add extensions and complete other major changes to add square footage.

But what if we told you that you can make your small kitchen look bigger without adding any additional space? And that doing so won’t cost you a fortune?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! With our tips below we can help you maximize the space in your small kitchen while staying within your budget.

Incorporate White Tones

White is not only a timeless colour, but it also can help your kitchen seem bigger than it actually is.

When renovating your kitchen, paint your walls white and incorporate white tones into your cabinets and countertops. When the same colour family is used within a room, the illusion of a limitless space is created.

Maximize Your Wall Space

Limited storage is the most common complaint we receive about clients’ kitchens. But frequently, vertical space is not being effectively utilized to help with this issue.

Add small open shelves, rods and pegboards to walls to keep countertops clear. Not only will items such as spices and kitchen towels still be within arms reach, but you’ll enjoy more space for working, too.

Embrace the Light

Are you maximizing the natural daylight provided by your kitchen window?

If you’re not, sheer or opaque-coloured curtains can allow sunlight to brighten the space. Replacing solid cabinet doors with glass can also help create an airy feel.  Adding new windows to your kitchen will also make a big difference.

Don’t forget about your kitchen lights, too! Pendant lights look beautiful in kitchens, and inside cupboard lighting can help when locating items.

Add Reflective Surfaces to Your Kitchen

Mirrors and reflective surfaces such as stainless steel appliances, glossy painted cabinets and polished granite countertops make a kitchen feel more spacious. Rarely do people use mirrors in kitchens, however, a large mirror covering one wall can add depth to your kitchen, especially if a table or countertop is up next to it.

Reflective and glass surfaces reflect lots of light, keeping your kitchen bright and looking more spacious.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

One of the simplest ways to make your small kitchen feel bigger is to get rid of any clutter on your countertops. Store appliances in the pantry or inside cupboards, and refrain from stacking mail, keys and other items on the counters.

Removing excessive decorative design pieces (including detailed handles) can reduce visual clutter.

Install Drawers and Remove Doors

Cupboards can quickly look cluttered when trying to find room for all of your pots, pans and Tupperware. That’s when switching to drawers is a great solution.

Converting your cabinet doors to drawers can help you gain full usability of the storage space. Rows of drawers are much easier to keep organized, and you can easily access their contents.

Open shelves on walls for storing dishes, soup bowls, mugs, and glassware also adds a spacious feel to your kitchen, provided you keep the contents of shelves sparse and limited to items you use frequently.  Cluttered shelves will have the opposite effect and make your kitchen feel cramped.  Furthermore, items you rarely use will get dusty and make your kitchen look dingy.

Consider Your Sink

To create more countertop space, use an undermount sink or a compact farmhouse style sink.

For really small kitchens, a single inset sink could be considered.

With these tips in mind, you can easily turn even the smallest of kitchens into something much more spacious and inviting!  If you still need help, we at Kitchens Inc. have experience completing all different types of kitchen renovations in the Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas. From small to large renovations, our kitchen renovation professionals can help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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