When you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you will find you have a lot of options. If your kitchen is a unique size or shape, it can be difficult to imagine how you’re going to renovate it. The cabinets you choose for your new kitchen are going to set the tone for the entire room. Semi-custom cabinets are a great alternative to going stock or completely custom when renovating your kitchen.

Better Fitting Cabinets

Stock cabinets come with precise, predetermined dimensions and measurements without any option for alterations (unless you feel comfortable doing it yourself). With this kind of cabinet, it’s almost like you have to make your kitchen space fit around the cabinets. But with semi-custom cabinets, the measurements are taken and the cabinets built accordingly – so you don’t have to alter your desired result based on what’s available in your kitchen’s measurements.

More Flexibility With Semi-Custom Cabinets

Have an oversized fridge? What about a counter length that is a little unconventional? With semi-custom cabinets, we can consider your whole kitchen space and will work with oversized appliances, and those oddly sized counters. You can make your design work with kitchen cabinets that are unique to you.

Increased Variety for Kitchen Cabinets

When looking at stock cabinets, you might notice that you are somewhat limited in terms of the materials and colours that you have to choose from. With semi-custom cabinets, there is a greater selection. You can choose from flat, shaker-style, glass front or even raised panel doors in almost any colour or material you want.

Easier Design Process

If you were to go completely custom with your cabinets, there are a lot of little decisions you’ll have to make along the way since you’d be starting from scratch with a designer. With semi-custom cabinets, a lot of those small decisions are removed because you’re starting with cabinets that are already designed but making aesthetic or structural changes to a base set of cabinets to make the cabinets precisely what you want them to be.

Less Costly than Custom

Semi-custom cabinets give you the best of both stock and completely custom cabinet options because they are unique to your home but come with a much smaller price tag than entirely custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets are manufactured in a factory to help keep costs down, and they are not built on-site in your home. Each set of cabinets will be unique to the client, but they don’t have the same hefty price tag as fully custom cabinets.

Renovating your kitchen can be an exciting process, but sometimes the sheer amount of decisions that you have to make can seem overwhelming. Both stock and custom cabinets have their advantages, but if you are looking for something that will give you the best of both worlds, you should investigate the semi-custom option.

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