Where Do I Start in Finding a Kitchen Designer?

For most of us, our homes are the number one place where we can invest with the expectation of a return on that investment. When we want to renovate our homes, what is the end goal? Who will we need to help us? And how much is this going to cost? The level of the project is what determines the cost.

Are you working with a small budget? Are you fixing this house to sell? Are you unable or unwilling to deal with an upset in your home? These would be reasons for a DIY approach. Seek help from a local cabinet shop or big box supply outlet.

For larger projects where you are renovating to upgrade the living spaces in your home, such as a kitchen remodel; you will need professional help.

Who Do I Hire as my Kitchen Designer?

An interior designer can potentially help renovate a kitchen but judging from past experiences, we find their focus to be on how things look above all else. A home renovator is another consideration, but we have found that home builders and home renovators rarely put the impetus of the project on the quality and functionality of the cabinets. However, kitchen designers know all aspects of the kitchen renovation process.

Kitchens are complicated. Balance within this space is essential in terms of selecting a layout that is not only appropriate for the current homeowner, but for future owners as well.

The National Kitchens and Bath association certifies Kitchen Designers who have studied rafts of written materials that include building codes, the building envelop, electrics, plumbing, ventilation, kitchen functionality, ergonomics, and accessibility. Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD) must continuously upgrade their knowledge of style, colour, materials and the aesthetics of lights, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, floor coverings and countertops. ‘Aging in Place’ and ‘Universal Design’ are concepts studied by a CKD.

What Does a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) Do?

With our firm Kitchens Inc, the entire renovation project is handled by our team, from concept to completion. Our designers are the managers of the project that are involved in all aspects of the project. The renovation process includes client consultations, the development of a plan, the selection of all the materials, and scheduling.

A major renovation is not for the faint of heart. To protect the value of your home and sanity, hire a Kitchen Designer.  We are one of the best Kitchen Renovation companies in Brantford, Ontario.