Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, yet the one where space is always at a premium.

With all the cookware, gadgets, and small appliances stored throughout your kitchen, it can be difficult to find space for everything. This challenge is even more difficult in a not-so-big kitchen!

Before you give up on trying to find more space in your kitchen, try implementing some of the following cool storage ideas!

1. Install a Corner Drawer

A frequent issue that L- or U-shaped kitchen owners ponder is what to do with that corner kitchen cabinet. Although there’s a lot of space to be found in these cabinets, accessing the contents is normally frustrating!

Corner drawers provide the solution for these awkward corners! The classic corner storage solution is a Lazy Susan, which has shelves that spin in a circle so that everything can be easily accessed. Another solution is to have corner drawers that run diagonally into the corner and can be pulled out to access the contents. Either way, making better use of that corner space will prove to be a great solution for freeing up space in your kitchen!

2. Install Retractable Drawers

Storing your pots and pans in a retractable drawer not only frees up a lot of space in cupboards, but it also makes grabbing a pot or pan easy!

What about using retractable drawers for dishware, too? Not only will these steep, deep drawers hold a lot, but your dishes will become more accessible by even the shortest members in your household! Adjustable pegs within the drawers make sure nothing gets broken.

3. Purchase an Over the Sink Cutting Board

Don’t have the luxury of an island to chop veggies in your kitchen? Not a problem when you invest in an over the sink cutting board! Some of these boards even have a section built into it that allows you to rinse your fruits and vegetables before you chop them on the board.

4. Customize Your Pantry

You already know that pantries are a great solution for stocking up on extra food and storing canned goods. But have you thought about storing those countertop appliances (think crock pot, blender, etc.) that barely get used in there? Using your pantry to store small appliances and other kitchenware that are only used every so often will free up valuable counter space in your kitchen.

Before storing those extra items in your pantry, take some time to re-design your pantry. Think about what you like about your current pantry, and what could be improved upon. Add extra shelves, utilize hooks for apron storage, and invest in some quality storage containers. Clear, stackable containers let you store dry goods in plain sight.

5. Use a Rolling Cabinet or Cart

An accessible rolling cart can be easily rolled out to act as an island in a small kitchen. Having a party in another room? Use this smart kitchen storage solution as a rolling bar cart! The extra storage space beneath the counter can be effectively used as well.

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