When you start planning your kitchen renovation, it’s common to focus on merely replacing or upgrading the space you have rather than thinking about whether the layout is the best possible use of the area you do have.

Instead of just imagining new cupboards or appliances, try imagining an entirely new kitchen.

Planning the very best layout can be tough, but here are a few things to keep in mind for your new space.

How do you use your space?

We all have that list: the things we wish we had in a kitchen, how we wish the fridge were in a different spot, how we need more cupboard space. Whatever is on your list, there are likely items you want to have in your dream kitchen and may be thinking you can’t have with your current space.

If you have a list, or idea, of how you’d like to use your space, then this is the perfect opportunity to approach the renovation like a blank canvas. Just because the oven has always been right beside the sink doesn’t mean it still has to be.

Can you expand the area?

In some older homes, kitchens are closed off from the dining room or other living spaces. You might be able to open up the area by taking down a wall or two and creating a brighter home that feels that much bigger, even though you haven’t added any square footage.  Read more on other strategies on how to make your kitchen bigger.

What if you have no idea what you’re doing?

No problem! In the beginning stages of your renovation, when you’re just starting to look at options, it is worth your while to have a kitchen designer look at your space. It can be challenging to imagine what an area could look like when you’ve gotten so used to what it looks like now, and kitchen designers have all sorts of ideas you probably haven’t even thought of. Kitchen designers can give you a view through mock-ups or drawings of what they imagine your space to look like, and they can give you options to fit within the budget you have.

What happens after the design process?

Once you have decided to update your kitchen the next step is to take care of whatever infrastructure upgrades are needed. Kitchens Inc. prides itself in looking after all aspect of kitchen and bathroom renovations projects. Half of your kitchen budget will be attributed to the infrastructure upgrades necessary to make your renovation complete. Renovations to the room such as removing bulkheads, removing a doorway, new floor covering, painting, plumbing fixtures and hook-ups, electrical relocation, lighting upgrades and backsplashes typically equal in cost to the money spent on cabinets and countertops.

If you want to make the most of the area and maybe make it more functional to fit your family’s needs, then bringing in a full-service kitchen renovation company like Kitchens Inc to design your new space will help make your visions come to life. You will be celebrating your brand new kitchen layout in no time!